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Ayrshire Sire Proving Scheme

Monday, 20 August 2018

Applications for the Ayrshire Progeny Test Scheme are now open! 



Help prove the Ayrshire bulls of the Future – Join the Ayrshire Sire Proving Scheme

The Semayr Breeding Services Progeny Test Scheme is a scheme in which farmers agree to:

  • Mate the majority or part of their herd to Semayr’s Progeny Test Ayrshire bulls.
  • Provide information on the resulting heifers for the purpose of proving these bulls.


Participating farmers receive:

  • Semen at $3.00 per straw + GST
  • A low cost, high ancestry team of unproven Ayrshire bulls.
  • At least 8% marker semen from already proven bulls at the same cost as the PT semen.
  • No limit on animal numbers
  • 2 year old TOP inspection at no cost.
  • Free pedigree registration on all Semayr SPS sired heifers


Put up your whole herd, an age group or a selected line for the Sire Proving Scheme.  Get a head start on the latest Ayrshire genetics, and help the breed prove the Ayrshire bulls of the future.

Progeny Test Scheme 2018

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