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Thames Valley Club Report 2018

Friday, 12 October 2018


Director:  Roger Hancock, Rosemoor
President: David Mitchell, Penoak
Secretary: Sue Gibberd, Guildford
Publicity: Jeanette Keen

Another year slips by. Our March meeting was held at Pete and Anne McFalls.

The attendance of 16 members. A fine day and it was good seeing their cows looking well.

We combined with Waikato Club for a trip to South Waikato - King Country at the end of March. Our first stop Addison’s Farm in Otorohana to meet up with the rest of the team. There were 10 of us to look around Pete and Marg’s herd, this was our first herd of our three day trip.Lunch was in Otorohanga then it was on to Perry and Kate Henderson’s. Perry had about 30 ayrshires in their 270 cow herd, they looked well and a couple of nice Bonny George cows. Just a small group of five stayed in Otorohanga. Dinner was at “The Thirsty Weka” where we were joined by Pete & Marg a lovely meal. Next day the five of us walked down the street to breakfast then it was off to Fergusson’s Stud, at 10am on arrival we were joined by many day trippers making up the number to 13. Warren took us about, besides Ayrshires there were Jersey’s and Holstein’s to look at.

We then head of to Te Kuiti for lunch at the Bosco cafe, after lunch we stopped at the Colin Meads Statue for a group photo.


Our next stop is at Matiere to Sean & Alix Trafford lovely hill country on dusty unsealed road. Their herd of around 580 had a large portion of Ayrshires lovely to see so many in their herd. They milk once a day due to the terrain, after time looking around the cows it was back to the house for afternoon tea.

We return to Otorohanga where our day tripper departed again.Day 3 another breakfast then head for Chris & Jennifer Turners at Te Awamutu, then on to “Ngarangi Macky Family Stud”walking round this herd there are some big cows. Lunch was in Ohaupo before our final herd visit Terry & Diane Talbots their cows looking welland a lovely afternoon tea finished off the trip.

Thanks to all who allowed us to visit and view their Cows.

The Thames Valley Club Sale was well supported as was the two dispersal sales of “ Waerenga” and “Ngarangi”. Our meeting in May was held at Tony and Angela Torrins in Te Aroha a wet day with 11 attendees.

Our AGM was held at Waerenga at Dave and Sue Gibberd’s. This was attended by 14 members, a lovely fine day.

Winners of our club trophies are as follows:-

O. Gordon Cup. Was won by the Leech Family.

Hamish Wilson Tray (Judges choice in Bull Progeny Competitions) V & S Steiner with “ Brookview Dist Spirito”

Bill Oates Memorial Sheild. (Judging Points)

Mens: G. Leech

Ladies: J. Keen

Hamish Wilson Plate. (for person who contributes most duing the year.) Won jointly by:-
Sue Gibberd, Roger Hancock, Jeanette Keen.

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