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Turn Your Herd On
Age Group Application
Individual Animal Application

Turn Your Herd On please register all female animals in my herd eligible for inclusion in the Ayrshire New Zealanhd Herd Book

Age Group Application - Please register all female animals eligible for inlcusion in the following birth years (fill in box below)

Individual Animal Application - Please register the following animals into the Ayrshire New Zealand Herd Book.

Age Group Application Year/s :
Individual Animal Application :
Males - please register the following male animals :
Breed Requirement :

For TURN YOUR HERD ON  and AGE GROUP option only - please advise minimum breed requirement (May be A1 - A16).  Please note this will default to A8 if not completed.

Animals to be excluded :

TURN YOUR HERD ON  and AGE GROUP applications only.  Please list the lifetime identification of any female animal NOT to be registered

Member Declaration : *
I agree

I, being the owner, hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above pedigrees are correct and I make this declaration having taken all available means to satisfy myself that they are correct and that they comply with the By-laws printed in the Association Herd Book.


The New Zealand Ayrshire Association has the right to reject any animal considered to be in the best interests of the Association.  The Association is not in any way responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of any statementmade on the form.


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