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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Details of the Special Awards made at the 2017 Annual Conference


Bell Booth Achiever Award - CHRIS GREEN (pictured) & TIM GREEN

 I/we would like to nominate jointly brothers Chris and Tim Green for this Award.

Chris 33 and Tim 31 have been farming together in the Family Partnership for the past six years. They are the third generation to be involved milking Ayrshires at Glenmore.  As children they have grown up with the breed getting involved with the stock at an early age at local shows and events learning their basic stockman ship from their Granddad and father.

The two brothers complement each other, although their skill set is vastly different. After leaving College, Chris chose to study at Lincoln University achieving a B Com in Valuation and Farm Management. Once graduated he successfully applied for a position with the National Bank in Rural Banking. The knowledge learnt and gained from this employment and the contacts made have been invaluable when it comes to financial matters on the farm when business decisions need to be made.

Tim has very much the practical approach to farming; he is a qualified builder and can turn his hand to most things that need building or fixing around the farm. His building skills have been put to good use when he built his own 38 aside HB Dairy back in 2011 and is now involved in the latest project at Glenmore, a 60 bale Rotary Dairy due for completion late July.

During their involvement in the Glenmore Partnership the farming business has expanded from one Dairy Unit milking 400 cows to now three Units milking 1700 cows as well as management of a 140 ha support block for  grazing  young stock, harvesting supplementary feed and the growing of winter crops.

The Brothers enjoy a challenge and at Glenmore there is always a project underway, twelve months ago the neighbouring Dairy Farm came on the market for sale. With the milk price at $3.90 per kg there wasn’t a lot of interest but with some through due diligent and financial budgets and cash flow projections, a proposal was put to the Bank. The outcome was a successful purchase.

At Glenmore, the brothers pride themselves at doing most things themselves where possible and have learnt to cut costs and to keep the farm working expenses to a bare minimum.

Ayrshires have been a big part of the expansion at Glenmore and production hasn’t been compromised. The 514 Ped Ayrshires in the herd for the 2015/16 season produced 437 kgs m/s per cow. Supplement is kept to a minimum and extra effort is made to produce quality pasture.

The breeding decisions are jointly decided with their father Donald with a balance between type and production and Proven and un future young sires being used for A I. TOP Inspection is carried out annually on the 2yr olds to get an idea on the type traits of the bulls daughters. As a rule and it depends on numbers they like the UO and DC to be ahead of breed average.

Although time doesn’t permit to showing at present, there is always a Glenmore entry in the local A&P on farm dairy heifer competition every autumn Chris and Tim pride themselves to having their stock presented well and grown to target weight.

Chris and his wife Emma are expecting their first child in August and Tim is still searching for that elusive partner. Both brothers are active off farm having been involved in the local young farmers club and also the local senior Div. 1 rugby team. Chris has now retired and is Treasurer for the club and Tim has dropped back to Div. 3. Chris is also getting involved in community organisations and is on the committee of the Ellesmere Irrigation Society a group that lobbies for farmers concerns with the likes of ECAN and Fish and Game around irrigation water usage in his area a very hot topic at present.

I/we believe that these two young men would be worthy joint recipients of this Award their enthusiasm and commitment to the Ayrshire breed and dairy farming in the Canterbury area doesn’t go unnoticed.


Bell Booth Achiever Award - ANDREW DAVID THOMSON

 Andrew's interest in Ayrshire Cattle began as a child of 3years, and by 4 years he knew individual cows in his Dads herd by sight.

Andrew was born to the 3rd generation Breeders Alastair and Hilary Thomson of Carmelglen, Waiuku. His Great Grand Parents Thomas and Jane Thomson established the Carmelglen Stud in the early 1900s. His Grand Parents David  and Joan continued the Stud, handing it over to Alastair in the early seventies.

After a time working for a fencing Contractor when he left school,(which is a good skill to have when farming) Andrew then came home to work for Alastair.

Andrew is married to Zoe and they have two children, Tabitha and Angus.

Andrew is a real hands on farmer, managing the every day running of two farms, the home farm at Karioitahi and the Otaua farm, managing staff, milking twice daily, plus performing many other farming tasks with great enthusiasm and success.

The Otaua farm was purchased in 2006 with a herd of 160 Holstein-Friesian cross cows having now been replaced by Ayrshire cows which has seen a rise in production. So the farm management with concentration on low costs, e.g. no concentrated feed only silage and grass is working well for him.

Giving him a very good base to work with, Andrew has a breeding programme to breed Carmelglen cows with higher T.O.P. Scores, with special emphasis on Udders, Capacity and Temperament traits and of course Production.

Andrew is passionate about Ayrshires and has introduced several of his fellow farmers to the breed and they too are having success with the Ayrshires they have purchased.

With a keen interest in showing in recent years, he has made the effort to attend the local Shows, plus attending the Dairy Event at Fielding with a couple of cows for the past two years.  Andrew is now a qualifed Junior Judge.

His main off farm interest until recently was rugby, gaining a position in the Counties Senior Team, also travelling overseas with their Sevens Team.

The Auckland and Thames Valley Ayrshire Clubs believe that Andrew is a worthy candidate for the Associations Achiever Award.



Graeme Knight Memorial Trophy - HILARY JANE

Over many years Hilary has taken pride in writing articles for various magazines, and this past year is no different.  Hilary has written articles for our Bulletin and whenever the opportunity arises she likes to put pen to paper and write about younger members – what has been achieved to date and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Hilary believes that it is these younger members that will keep our breed successful in future years, so it is worth writing about.

It is with this in mind that we consider that Hilary is a worthy recipient of the Graeme Knight Memorial Trophy.

Inaugural Robert McIntosh Award - IMOGEN STEINER

It is a great pleasure to nominate this young lady for the Rob McIntosh Memorial Trophy. Competing in the Young Judge competition for the last two years, with a very credible 3rd placing this year, taking her towards being a Judge herself in the future.

She has regularly competed in Young Handler classes with her share of success and bringing the Ayrshire breed to the fore.

After a trip to the Northern Hemisphere representing Ayrshire NZ, where her love and passion for showing shone through, she took the time to learn more about nutrition and extra preparation of show cows. On coming home she took over the feeding and preparation of one of New Zealand’s leading Ayrshire show teams - now being asked to do preparation for leading teams of other breeds.

While not leading her own cows to the big ribbons this season, she has had her own successes in the past. This season she prepared five of the six cows in the ring for Senior and Reserve Senior Champion cow at the NZ Dairy Event 2017 – an outstanding feat in itself. Then went on to lead the Supreme Champion cow into the big ribbon.

A terrific young woman whose design work featured at the NZ Ayrshire Conference 2016, who helped the older members at the World Conference with their technical difficulties. It is a great pleasure to present Imogen Steiner of Brookview Genetics with this prestigious award.


Distinguished Member Award - CHERYL FORD

The Canterbury Ayrshire Club nominates Mrs Cheryl Ford for a Distinguished Member Award.

Cheryl needs no introduction to the membership of Ayrshire NZ. She was first introduced to Ayrshires by her mother Mrs Lilly when she was growing up on the family farm in Kaikoura. Her mother milked Ayrshires and reared Ayrshire bull calves for beef which were purchased around the Canterbury area.

Cheryl’s first Pedigree Ayrshire Purchase was an in calf heifer Lakeside Twizel in 1971. Lakeside Twizel was to be the Foundation Cow for her Broadlea Stud.

Cheryl established her Broadlea herd on a small property near Oxford in North Canterbury. During her time there her herd numbered twenty cows, supplying milk to the local dairy company in Christchurch. Her herd consistently topped the national breed average for 5-20 cows.

While at Oxford Cheryl and her then husband Ray, had a family of two daughter.

Both Cheryl and Ray worked off farm.

Cheryl, now along with partner Geoff, farm a small property at Brookside where she milks 6-8 cows rearing well over 120 calves annually. Her small herd is herd tested by LIC and Classified nearly every year.

Cheryl has always been active and very supportive in Club activities and offers encouragement to younger breeders making them very welcome to view her cows. She has exhibited at her local shows in the past Oxford,Ellesmere and Canterbury. She is a regular attendee at New Zealand Dairy Event and currently holds her Senior Judges Certification.

Her stock is in demand when offered for sale, during the Glenmore annual sales in the late 90s she was a regular vendor and recently at the Fairleigh and National Conference sales.

Cheryl and Geoff have attended many Ayrshire Conferences and are looking forward to the delegates visiting their property this year. Cheryl is organising the Conference Sale.

The Canterbury Club asks that the Board of Ayrshire NZ give our nomination of Mrs Cheryl Ford a favourable response.


Glengordon Trophy - DAVID ACKERMANN

I wish to nominate David Ackermann for the Glengordon Trophy.

David is age 26 and farms with his parents in the Leeston area of Central Canterbury.

The Ackermann family immigrated to New Zealand from Switzerland just over 20 years ago and have been on their current property for the past 20years.

David completed his studies at Lincoln University and has returned to work on the family farm.

He has been a Member of Ayrshire N Z for a number of years and is very interested in what the breed has to offer. He has served on the Youth Committee for 3 years and is a regular attendee at the Youth Seminars. David has represented NZ Youth at a Youth Conference in Canada back in 2013.

David has had a big year with our Assn, he was selected as an outside Director for Semayr back in October, and in March he sat his Judging Certification and was successful with a Junior Judge pass. Again in March David was asked to attend the TOP Training and Certification days and was successful attaining a limited pass on his first attempt.

Locally he is very active within the breed he continues to enter the Musica stock in the local Ellesmere A&P On Farm Heifer Competition where they always do well and are seen by other farmers in the district, recently he has started to show their stock at the Ellesmere Show.

David is currently President of the Canterbury Ayrshire Club and is bringing forward some youthful ideas for meetings and field days.

When he fines time David plays in the local Concert Band and is into running Marathons and Endurance Events.  

I believe that David would be a worthy first recipient of this represented Glengordon Trophy.

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