Top (Traits Other Than Production) & Classification

A system of classification of registered females based upon type and individuality, TOP Classification recognises that progress towards the improvement of the Ayrshire breed should be obtained through animals superior in conformation as well as production.

Classification is undertaken by the Association in late spring each year. Animals are scored by trained inspectors on a scale of 1 – 9 for 11 different conformation traits along with scores for ‘udder overall’ and ‘dairy conformation’. These scores are then converted into an ‘award’ as follows:

2 year olds
A,B,C,D plus the Udder Overall and Dairy Conformation scores separated by a dash.

Mature Cows
E (Excellent), V (very highly commended), H (highly commended) and F (Fair) plus the Udder Overall and Dairy Conformation scores separated by a dash. Cows may only receive an Excellent Award after they have reached five years of age.

Members are encouraged to submit all 2 year old cows (both pedigree and grade), along with any older animals they wish to have re-classified. In particular, the two year old data plays a large role in calculating sire proofs and the information is invaluable in that respect.


Fees: (all prices exclude GST)

Herd Fee $43.48
(Senior members are no longer required to pay a herd fee for TOP & Classification when using this service)

Late Herd Fee (received after 4 October 2019) $65.22

Autumn Herd Fee $66.96

Herd Fee where applications are more than a month after close off $130.44

In addition, there will be a minimum charge per herd of $65.22 regardless of cow numbers (minimum charge includes herd fee plus cow fees).


Two year olds $2.61 per heifer

Older Cows $4.35 per cow


TOP & Classification Application