Advertising the Ayrshire 2020 Young Breeders seminar

Young Breeders Seminar 2020

Have you ever wanted to learn the ways of an Ayrshire Breeder?

Ayrshire New Zealand are holding a Young Breeders Seminar for the farmers of tomorrow. The Seminar is held over three jam packed days of activities, herd walks, workshops and more. If you're interested in farming, breeding, ayrshires or simply meeting other young farmers then come along to this years Young Breeders Seminar.

Proposed Plan (Highlighted is confirmed)

FRIDAY 24th April
- 1pm meet at Honeyfield’s for light lunch
- 2pm talk by the Taranaki Regional Council
- 3pm Herd Walk
- Head back to Accommodation in Stratford
- 5:15pm Herd Walk at Sentinal
- 6pm BBQ Dinner at Perrett’s

- 9am TOP Workshop at Snowline
- 10:15am Herd Walk
- 11am Shakee pear (Cafe), Guest Speaker Brian Robinson
- 12pm Lunch
- 1:30pm Tawhiti Museum Visit
- 6pm Dinner in New Plymouth
- 7:30pm Bowling & Mini Putt

- 9:30am Sanrosa Herd Visit
- 10:30am Kaponga Pub for BV talk from Gordon
- 11:30am Lunch
- 1pm Go Karts & Escape Room
- Midhirst Pub for Dinner for those who stay the evening
- Please do not book flights home before 4:30pm Sunday afternoon.

TOTAL COST (To be confirmed)

All people interested must contact Kylee Perrett by the following options:
027 426 6890 (Call or text)
Please work out Jacket size off this link & let Kylee know the size (Jacket cost will be included in seminar cost)

Photos from 2019 Young Breeders Seminar

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