Core Values

– Genetic gain of the Ayrshire population

– Always look for the opportunity

– Maintain a financially viable business

– Foster camaraderie among Ayrshire members

– Always portray a professional image


Ayrshire New Zealand will develop, promote and maintain the Ayrshire breed as a credible option for New Zealand dairy farmers


Ultimate Goal

To be the number one dairy population within the world, among all breeds, under the NZ payment system


– Ayrshire (A14+) will make up 10% of the national herd

– Ayrshire BW/GW and PW will increase and be comparable to other breeds

– Ayrshire cows will be included in national statistics and trials

– Ayrshire cows will be financially rewarding for those who farm them

– Ayrshire NZ will have united, vibrant members who are proud to belong

– Ayrshire NZ members will be proactive and engaged in striving to achieve Association goals

– Ayrshire NZ and it’s members are progressive and perceived to be innovative

Key Performance Indicators

1. Membership: The Association membership will be 30% of farmers who have a proportion of Ayrshire in their herds

2. Registration:  40% of available animals will be registered

3. Semen sales: The Semayr/ LIC partnership will have 85% of the Ayrshire semen sales

4. Ace Herd:

(a) Nucleus Herd will be in the top 30% of NZ Ayrshire herds

(b) The venture will generate income to fund the registration goal

(c) The venture will provide financial security for the Association by maintaining an appreciating asset