Alltech All New Zealand Photo Competition 2023

Prizes include an Alltech gift voucher, an Alltech goodie bag and certificate and framed photos of winning entries to be presented at the Annual Awards night

To enter into this year’s competition please fill out our online form below or download the form through this link here >>Photo Competition Form  << and send it back to us with your photo/s to


Class 1. 2 year olds
Class 2. 3 year olds
Class 3. 4 & 5 year olds
Class 4. 6 years & over
Class 5. Herd Scene (minimum of 5 animals)
Class 6. Yearling Heifer (photo taken under 2 years of age)
Class 7. Heifer Calf (photo taken under 12 months of age)
Class 8. Individual, unhaltered in-milk cow
Class 9. Individual, unhaltered young stock

Closing Date: 31 March 2023


1. Photos to be postcard size, colour or black & white.Photos may also be submitted as a print on quality photo grade paperor electronically stored as 300dpi minimum in a .jpg file and provided by email. Ayrshire New Zealand takes no responsibility for the quality of photos not submitted via these methods.
2. Open to animals that are full pedigree, S3A or S2A and are registered with the New Zealand Ayrshire Association. Also animals that are under 1 year of age and are eligible under this criteria.
3. Photos to be taken in current year.
4. No digital enhancement or alteration of animals is permitted, however alteration of the backgound is acceptable, with the exception of classes 8 & 9, see rule 15.
5. Photos should not reveal the identity of the leader. If a leader is identifiable, the image will be altered to black the leader out.
6. Photos to be entered by the owner as at 31 March 2023. Any photo entered on the owners behalf by another party must be accompanied by written permission of the owner.

7. Only one photo per animal per class may be entered.
8. No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the completed entry form.
9. Judging will be conducted by 3 senior judges prior to 1 May 2023. In the event of a tie an adjudicating judge will be appointed. The points basis is as follows: 1st – 10 pts; 2nd – 8 pts; 3rd – 6 pts; 4th – 4 pts; 5th – 2 pts: 6th – 1 pt

10. In the event of a draw the entry with the most first placings wins. If still even, count seconds and so on.
11. The top six entries in each class will be used as the basis for the members judging competition.
– A Members Competition brochure will be included with the Annual Report to enable ALL members to take part. Judging will also be available on the Association website.
– All awards will be presented at the Awards Night at Annual Conference, including the Members Competition.
12. Any entry may be used for promotional purposes by Ayrshire New Zealand.
13. Any entry in the Herd Scene class that contains less than five (5) animals will instead be automatically entered in the Scenic Photo Competition.
14. Any animal photographed under 12 months of age will be entered in the Heifer Calf class, and any dry animal photographed between 12 and 24 months of age will be entered into the yearling Heifer class.
15. Any entry in class 8 & 9 (Unhaltered Stock) is to be the original photo. No alterations may be made to the photo, including backgrounds. All entries will be checked by the Judging Convenor and will be accepted at their discretion.



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