Pateke Farms Ltd

Name:  Pateke Farms Ltd

Farm: Pateke Farms Ltd

Stud Name:  PATEKE

Work Phone:  03 5737022

DDI Phone:  027 492 5861

Email Address:

Address:  20 Speeds Road South,  RD 3,  ,  BLENHEIM,  Marlborough,  7273

Ward:  8


  1. Hi there, just reading about your use of sunflowers in your maize crop. Just wanting to know what the tonne per hectare us for the crop compared to straight maize.
    We are dairy farming in south taranaki and I usually get the contactor to plant sunflowers out the outside row just so I can enjoy the view and feed the bees and birds but thought I’d find out more from you to pass on to my husband
    Lisa Tippett

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