National and Ward Winners to receive product sponsored by Dairycare


  1. Open to all members of Ayrshire New Zealand with at least 25 pedigree Ayrshire cows in their herd.
  2. Members entering the competition are to provide a copy of the Final Herd Test Summary page from the end of the preceding season, the total to be the average cell count for the pedigree Ayrshire section of the herd.
  3. All reports must relate only to the season for which the competition is being held.
  4. Participants information may be used for publicity purposes by Ayrshire New Zealand and/or the principal sponsor.
  5. There will be one prize for the lowest cell count in each Ayrshire NZ ward, plus one prize for the overall winner. The prizes will be vouchers provided by the principal sponsor and presented at the annual Awards Dinner.

Or Enter Below – Entries Close 1 May 2020