New to the Ayrshire New Zealand competition arsenal and designed with our young breeders in mind. 

Pick a heifer and put it up against the rest of your age group. Points are not only based on the heifer you pick, but the amount of work you put into her.

Bonus points can also be allocated by the Judge for entering in A&P shows, Ayrshire On Farm Competition, and/or the Alltech All New Zealand Photo Competition.

Age groups range from 5 all the way up to 35 years old, which makes it the perfect competition for our young breeders of the next generation.

Prizes will be awarded for first – third placings in each age group category. Prizes will be in the form of book vouchers for the 5-12 age group and proven semen straws for all other age groups, sponsored by Semayr Breeding Services.

Pick a heifer and enter now: