Scenic Photo Competition

Scenic Photo Competition

Any members with a photography-flair can enter to win a share of $300 worth of prizes for the most creative or picturesque scenic shots of Ayrshire cattle, Ayrshire herds, groups of daughters, or any other photographs that promote the Ayrshire breed in New Zealand.

This is a people’s choice competition, with members able to vote for their favourite photos at the Annual Conference, where the winners are announced online.

Annual Conference
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About the Competition


$300.00 worth of prizes up for grabs for the most creative or picturesque scenic shots of Ayrshires, Ayrshire herds, groups of daughters or any other photograph promoting Ayrshire cattle in New Zealand.

To enter send your clearly labelled photo to by the 1st May 2022.

How to Enter

Enter this competition by filling out the online entry form below, or clicking the button at the bottom of the page to download the print entry form.

Entries close: May 1, 2023 

Scenic Photo Competition Results

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