Pedigree Registrations

Pedigree Registrations

At the end of October each year, Ayrshire New Zealand publishes the annual Herd Book, with details of all animals registered as pedigrees in the preceding 12-month period to August 31st.

Registering your animals has always been an important part of our Association and your business. The many benefits of registering your herd include:

  • On average, a registered herd sells $200-800 per animal above similar herds. Registered cattle give more options for how they can be marketed.
  • Registration is a prerequisite for successful bulls in the genetics industry. Most AB companies require young Ayrshire bulls to be registered in the Herd Book.
  • Higher genetics bulls sold as service sires often attract a premium when registered.
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Registration Information

The Herd Book includes two sections, Main and Registry. To be eligible for entry into the main Herd Book as a registered pedigree, an animal must be 16/16 Ayrshire, or in other words, a full-blooded Ayrshire. For animals less than 16 parts Ayrshire, the Ayrshire Registry allows registration as follows:

  • S3A – Animals 15/6 Ayrshire
  • S2A – Animals 14/16 Ayrshire
  • S1A – Animals 1/16 to 13/16 Ayrshire

Under the ‘fast track’ system, animals will be registered into the Ayrshire Registry section of the Herd Book up to S3A as long as their full ancestry details are recorded on the LIC database. Subsequent generations will then move up through the registry system until animals become eligible for the main section of the Herd Book. Bulls may only be registered from S3A or full pedigree dams.


Implemented in late 2003, e-Registration is now in use by many members. The completion of one simple form allows members to automatically register animals in a variety of ways:

Turn Your Herd On

This option registers all animals in a member’s herd which are eligible for registration, regardless of age. Members can choose at which stage they wish to start registering, from a minimum of 1/16 parts Ayrshire. That means if a member only wishes to register animals 14/16 parts Ayrshire and above, they can do so. Animals may be excluded.

Age Group Registration

This option registers all eligible calves born in a member’s herd during the year (or specified years). This can be restricted by breed percentage as above. Age group registrations can also be completed on a standing order basis, which means that the Association starts the process for you each year in a month specified by you. Animals may be excluded.

Individual Registrations

You may restrict registration to specified animals.

A full explanation of the Registration system is included with your membership pack. The Supplementary system and By-laws and regulations covering registration are printed annually in the Herd Book.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are per animal (all prices are exclusive of GST). Non-member registration fees are double.

Females born after 1 June 1995
Heifers up to 1 year of age (price if DNA verified to sire, and also dam if possible)$6.00
Heifers up to 1 year of age (price if not DNA parentage verified)$8.00
Heifers over 1 year of age$10.00
Naming on database required (additional)$1.50
Bulls up to 1 year of age$50.00
Bulls up to 1 year of age$100.00

When an animal is sold, the pedigree ownership will be automatically be transferred at the same time as the location details via LIC.

Registration Standing Order

Standing orders for e-Registration apply only to animals born in the preceding season. All other registrations must be dealt with individually.

A “what if” report from e-registration will be created based on the following parameters, specified by the member. This will be sent to the member with the following:

1. A reminder to make sure that all calves are named on MINDA.
2. Details of any sire queries.
3. A reply portion to confirm the animals to be registered. This will include the ability to exclude any animal and to include male animals individually.

On receipt an invoice will be generated and sent to the member. The registrations will be processed once the invoice is paid.

Registration Application

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