Semayr Breeding Services

Semayr Breeding Services

Semayr Breeding Services is a division of Ayrshire New Zealand, which offers top Ayrshire bulls, both proven and unproven, New Zealand and overseas to New Zealand farmers.

A wide range of proven bulls are offered, most of which have progressed through the Associations Progeny Test Team. In addition, imported semen from overseas bulls may be marketed.

All bulls owned by the Association are marketed by LIC under the Alpha Nominated banner.

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Ayrshire Sires of the Future

To ensure the breed maintains its position as a breed of choice for New Zealand dairy farmers, we need to prove the bulls. Young Ayrshires are bred from a wide range of notable proven New Zealand and overseas sires, and consistent cow families. These young bulls represent a vibrant mix of genetics to improve BW, fertility and conformation for the Ayrshire breed.

Semayr Breeding Services selects up to 25 young bulls annually for the Ayrshire Progeny Test Team. Semen is collected and sold when the bulls are 12 months old, then production and conformation information is collected on their in-milk two-year-old daughters. Some of these bulls will go on to be marketed as proven bulls.

Ayrshire Sire Proving Scheme

The Semayr Progeny Test Scheme is available to all farmers, with young bull semen available at the low cost of $3.00 per straw (excluding GST), with additional benefits listed below:

  • Free registration on all Semayr Sire Proving Scheme sired heifers
  • Free classification of all Ayrshire two-year-olds, if at least 20% are sired by the Semayr Progeny Test Team bulls
  • No limit on animal numbers
  • Semen available at $3.00 per straw (excluding GST)

Minimum of 3 bulls and 20 straws in a Pak (equal quantities of each). Not available until spring mating. All orders subject to availability. If semen cannot be provided, LIC will contact you to arrange a replacement.

Put up your whole herd, an age group, or a selected line for the Sire Proving Scheme. Get a headstart on the latest Ayrshire genetics, and help the breed prove the Ayrshire bulls of the future.

Register your Interest in the Ayrshire Sire Proving Scheme

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