Young Breeders Heifer Competition

Young Breeders Heifer Competition

The Young Breeders Heifer Competition allows our youth members to showcase their ability to pick a high-producing, well put-together animal before she starts her first lactation.

There are two categories – Junior (8-17 years old), and Senior (18-35 years old). Points are awards for production, T.O.P scores, and fertility.

Entry opens around August each year, with more information about entrant’s chosen heifers collected in May. Winners are announced at the Annual Conference.

Ayrshire Young Breeders
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About the Competition


Can you pick a Great Heifer?

  • The competition is open to all youth aged between 8-35 years of age
  • There are two categories, Junior (8-17), and Senior (18-35)
  • Entrants must be a member of Ayrshire New Zealand
  • Entrants can nominate 1 animal only
  • Competition is open to any in-milk 2-year-old (A14 and above) born between 1st January & 31 December 2021 due to calve in Spring 2023

How the Competition Works


  • Points are based on the difference between the animal’s lactation MS production and average lactation MS production of the herd’s two-year-old group.
  • 0.2 points will be awarded per MS point difference up to a maximum of 50 points. e.g. if the herd average MS is 153 and the animal MS is 264 there is a difference of 111, which equals 22.2 points.


  • Points are awarded for the animal’s expected calving date for 2024 relative to the herd’s planned start of calving.
  • If an animal is due to calve on the PSC then the animal gets the maximum 50 points.
  • 0.55 points are deducted for each day after the PSC that the animal is due to calve.

Traits Other than Production (TOP)

  • Points are based on TOP scores
  • Single direction Traits (RW, US, C, FU, RU) actual points 1-9
  • Two way traits (RA, L, FT, RT)
    5 = 10 points, 4 & 6 = 9 points, 3 & 7 = 7 points, 2 & 8 = 4 points, 1 & 9 = 0

In May we will contact you for the MS data to complete the competition.

How to Enter

Enter this competition by filling out the online entry form below, or clicking the button at the bottom of the page to download the print entry form.

Entries close:  

Young Breeders Heifer Competition Results

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