A better Breeding Worth for better genetic gain – time to have your say!

May 25, 2023

A better Breeding Worth for better genetic gain – time to have your say!

General Notices

DairyNZ and NZAEL invites you to have your say on their proposal to improve Breeding Worth and genetic gain for dairy farmers.

The national breeding programme has been at the heart of New Zealand’s dairy industry, representing half of the annual on farm productivity gains. DairyNZ believes it’s time to refresh and refocus how the animal evaluation system in New Zealand works.

New Zealand’s rate of genetic gain in our national dairy herd has remained steady. Internationally, others have achieved higher rates of genetic gain since the introduction of genomics.
There is an opportunity for the sector to work together to improve our rate of genetic gain.

Their aim is better profits for kiwi dairy farmers through better rates of genetic gain. DairyNZ estimates this could have made approx. $136 million of additional profit every year for the past 10 years. That’s about $36,000 a year for a farm with 450 cows.  They believe the best way to help kiwi dairy farmers achieve better profits is to deliver an updated Better Breeding Worth system, and they need all of the sector to play their part.

Have your say:

Learn more about how DairyNZ and NZAEL propose to make BW better and unlock better rates of genetic gain:

Take the opportunity to hear more about what is being proposed and why. Bring your questions for an open discussion with our team. Register for an event – see the bottom of the page for in-person and online events.

Provide your feedback through the consultation feedback form.

Consultation closes 5pm, 27 June 2023.

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