October 29, 2021


General Notices

The World Ayrshire Federation has informed its breeders and members that there has been a Genetic recessive discovered in the International Ayrshire population. The recessive has been identified as Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), or commonly referred to as Curly Calf Syndrome.

The World Ayrshire Federation is working with relevant bodies to identify the carriers that may affect the Ayrshire population.  Lists of bulls that have been tested so far are included below.

For more information about AM:

Viking Genetics are also working with Ayrshire related defects Ayrshire Haplotype 1 and 2 (AH1, also called PIRM, and AH2) and Bos Taurus Autosome 12 and 23 (BTA12 and BTA 23).  Information about these defects can be found in the link below.  The VikingRed breeding programme has zero tolerance for AH1 and BTA23 while genetically superior animals with AH2 and BTA12 are used in targeted matings.  Status for individual bulls can be found by searching on NAV’s website

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