Ayrshire On Farm Competition – Veteran Cow Regional+

December 24, 2019

Ayrshire On Farm Competition – Veteran Cow Regional+


Below are the 1st and 2nd place regional results.
Full results will be live after the Ayrshire New Zealand Annual Conference 2020.

Congratulations to all those of you who placed in your region.

South Island Champion:

Fairleigh Burdette Annalva, Port Molyneux Dairies Ltd

South Island Reserve Champion:
Glenmore B Lara, Brookton Farm

Honorable Mention:
Glenalla Rockstar Rosa, Glenalla Farm Ltd


Veteran Cow Class – 9+ Years Old

9+ Year Old Results:
Ward 1:
1st Place – Pa Hill High Doll, G J Travers

2nd Place – Pa Hill Nero Jennilee, G J Travers

Ward 2 :
1st Place – Rosemoor Eds Michigan, R & D Hancock

2nd Place – Montrose Destiny Helena, Andali Dairies Ltd

Ward 3:
1st Place – Kiteroa Bonny Blue Violet, Kiteroa Ayrshires

Ward 4:
1st Place – Brookview Po Sakkarah, Brookview Genetics

2nd Place – Sharvdville Popstar S2A, Jamie Baxter

Ward 5:
1st Place – Sentinal Belina, Sentinal Farms Ltd

2nd Place – Kenmure Mayfair Phillie, Hardcase Family Trust

Ward 6:
1st Place – Wakefield CT Asti, Renae Flett

2nd Place – Sunshine Tri Gloss, Sunshine Ayrshires

Ward 7:
No Entries
Ward 8:
1st Place – Lakeside Hi Volts, Lakeside Ayrshires

2nd Place – Pukekaraka Modem Ellie, Glenalla Farm Ltd

Ward 9:
1st Place – Mellora Locket ET, CNRAYR Ltd

2nd Place – Ingleside Sweet Choice, Ingleside Limited

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