Ayrwaves – July 2021

January 11, 2022

Ayrwaves – July 2021

General Notices

AGM Update

At the Annual Conference and AGM that took place in Rotorua in mid-June, Donald Green of Glenmore Farms, Leeston, was elected for a further term as President, an office he has now held since 2014.

Following the retirement of Peter Allison from the Board, an election took place in the South Island region with David Ackermann of Musica Ayrshires, Leeston as the successful candidate.  Thanks to Bruce Eade for also making himself available for election and all South Island members for taking part in the election process.  Andrew Thomson of Carmelglen Ayrshires, Waiuku was elected unopposed to the vacancy in the Central North Island region.  Andrew follows in the footsteps of his late father, Alastair (Board member1995 – 2005, President 2001-2005, Honorary Life Member) and grandfather David (Board member 1934-48 and 1963-78, Honorary Life Member).

The Notice of Motion proposed to amend the Association’s balance date was lost.



April 30 – South Island region – election voting forms issued
May 1 – Scenic Photo Competition entries close

May 2 – Office closed – moving day
May 5 – Ayrshire Board meeting, Feilding
May 11 – Notices of Motion close

May 20 – Dairycare Somatic Cell Count Competition closes

May 20 – National Progeny Competitions close

May 26 – Annual Report issued
June 2 – South Island Region – election voting closes
June 9-11 – Annual Conference, Rotorua
June 11 – Annual General Meeting, Rotorua



The following amendment has been made to By-Law 1(a) by the Board: Registration of Ayrshire cattle by the New Zealand Ayrshire Assn (Inc) is made on animal and ancestry information as recorded on the national database (DIGAD).  This information is taken in good faith and registration decisions made accordingly under these By-Laws.  The New Zealand Ayrshire Assn (Inc) takes no responsibility for any such information that proves to be incorrect.


Special Awards

At the recent AGM, the following Special Awards were made.  Full citations will be available on the website and in the Spring Bulletin.  Congratulations to those members honoured with Special Awards.



For the person or persons who contributed the most effort in promoting the progress within the Ayrshire breed in the last 12 months both club wise and breeds wise.



For persons who have made some notable achievement in the Ayrshire breed.



For members who promote Ayrshires locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, and who make the time and effort for the breed, or to assist other Ayrshire members and/or Ayrshire enthusiasts throughout the region to achieve their goals.



For members who promote Ayrshires either nationally or locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, the NZ Ayrshire Association and it’s aims, directions and objectives.



For members who promote Ayrshires either nationally or locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, the NZ Ayrshire Association and it’s aims, directions and objectives.



With the shift of all data into DIGAD (Dairy Industry Good Animal Database), we have had to change the registered names on some historical animals up to 2012 due to duplication across breeds.  These changes are only minor spelling amendments and do not affect the registration status of any animal.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Robyn on rgordon@jersey.or.nz.  Robyn can work with individual members and provide details of any changes if required.



Work is progressing well on BreedIT, but a lot of development has been delayed due to issues with data access.  This is currently being resolved, but a new ‘go live’ date is yet to be finalised.



The new TOP season is fast approaching – applications will open in mid-August and close on Friday 1 October 2021.  Inspections will take place in November/December 2021.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a TOP Inspector?  Give us a call and book in for a ride-along – spend a day out in the field with an Inspector to get a feel for the job and all it entails.  Contact Robyn Gordon at rgordon@ayrshire.org.nz



Please note that Ayrshire New Zealand no longer operates a fax number.  All communications may be sent to info@ayrshire.org.nz (or the appropriate team member) or to P O Box 1132, Hamilton.



We apologise that the Southland/Otago Club Report was omitted from the last Bulletin.  This report is as follows:

The season is nearing an end, grass growth and production is going very well, lots of winter baleage, siloge and hay made down here. In our spring herd walk, we visited Stevenson’s farm. De Laval sponsored the day and attendees had a look around their new barn and the cows.
The Croyden Lodge was the venue for the Xmas dinner, we did have a good number attended with loads of wee children. Santa made his usual appearance much to the delight of the wee ones. The South Island championships were held in Gore this season.
Congratulations to Mervyn Livingstone on winning both the Championship and the Reserve Champion Cow for the year. It was great to have cattle back at the show again. In late February we held a meeting in Gore. The bull progeny competition was judged by Andrew Thompson from
Waiuku this year after his judging of the S.I championship show, Ken and I were in the North Island for 2 weeks lately – wow… hot, muggy and really dry. Herds of cows standing in the corner of paddocks, no shade, flicking flies and not a blade of grass to eat!!
Our club is celebrating 100 years in June with a special dinner in Invercargill. Details in the next bulletin.



Committee Convenors for the 2021/22 year are confirmed as follows, all Committee details will be updated on the website shortly.

  • Executive Committee – Donald Green
  • Semayr Board – Gordon Glentworth
  • Finance Committee – Audrey Stevenson
  • Marketing, Promotions & Production Committee – Stuart Honeyfield
  • TOP & Judging Committee – Vince Steiner
  • Youth Committee – David Ackermann



Expressions of interest are called for from members who would like to be considered for the outside Directors position on the Semayr Board, or as a member of the Youth Committee.  Both Semayr and the Youth Committee have two co-opted members, one of whom is re-elected each year.  Please contact Pam pgoodin@ayrshire.org.nz or 07 856 0816 by 3 September 2021 to register your interest.



  • The North Island Championships will be held at Levin A & P Show on 22-23 January 2022
  • The South Island Championships will be held at Ellesmere A & P Show on 16 October 2021
  • The Royal Dairy Event will be held at the Stratford A & P Show on 26-28 November 2021
  • The NZ Dairy Event will be held at Manfield Park, Feilding on 26-28 January 2022

The office team can’t get to all of the shows, please keep your photos coming in to us so that we can continue to publicise the breed through show results.  Getting the best of the best in front of farmers!



Competition results have all been released on Facebook and are available on the website as follows:



The close of the Herd Book for 2020 born calves is fast approaching.  Robyn needs your registration information by 20 August in order to be able to process your registrations in time to get into the Herd Book.  Simply call the office or e-mail info@ayrshire.org.nz to get your 2020 born registrations underway. Please ensure to get your registrations in as early as possible.

Members are advised that registration certificates are now being provided electronically to save on resources and postage costs.  However, paper copies are still available on request.  Please contact Robyn at info@ayrshire.org.nz



To ensure the breed maintains its position as a breed of choice for New Zealand dairy farmers, we need to prove the bulls. And to do that, we need you!

The 2021 selection of Young Ayrshires are bred from a wide range of notable proven New Zealand and overseas sires, and consistent cow families. These young bulls represent a vibrant mix of genetics to improve BW, fertility and conformation for the Ayrshire breed.

  • Free registration for all two year olds sired by Semayr Progeny Test bulls
  • Free classification for all your two year olds, if at least 20% are sire by Semayr Progeny Test bulls
  • Not available until spring mating. All orders subject to availability. If semen cannot be provided, LIC will contact you to arrange a replacement.
  • Minimum 3 bulls and 20 straws in a Pak (equal quantities of each) Obtain the newest Ayrshire genetics and help improve our sires of the future!

To view the 2021 Semayr Breeding Services Ayrshire Young Bull Catalogue visit www.ayrshire.org.nz/semayr-breeding-services/



Finding it hard to pick your Ayrshire semen? How does the following sound?

  • $3.00 per straw + GST.
  • Free pedigree registration on all Semayr SPS sired heifers.
  • Free classification of all Ayrshire two year olds.
  • No limit on animal numbers.

Help prove the Ayrshire bulls of the future – Join the Ayrshire Sire Proving Scheme
Put up your whole herd, an age group or a selected line for the Sire Proving Scheme. Get a head start on the latest Ayrshire genetics, and help the breed prove the Ayrshire bulls of the future.

Conditions do apply, so to find out more and secure a spot in this genetic opportunity, you need to contact Robyn on 07 856 0816 or info@ayrshire.org.nz



If you have a Ayrshire Bull calf you’re excited about, check it against the following criteria and get in touch:

  • Diversity of pedigree
  • Proven sires within pedigree
  • Ancestry BW of 0 and higher (Preferred but not necessary)
  • Production consistently above herd mates
  • Regular calvings
  • Above average conformation
  • Ancestry BVs for high Fat & Protein

Please contact Robyn on 07 856 0816 or info@ayrshire.org.nz with the birth identity of any bull calf for consideration for the 2022 PROGENY TEST TEAM by Monday 6 September.


Genemark DNA Profiling

GeneMark have recently reduced their whole herd profiling service to $19.99 per sample.  Profiling your herd now makes it easier to parentage verify in the future, adding another level of security to the pedigree of your herd.  Check out the attached flyer for more information.



We are no longer able to accept payment by cheque. If you usually pay us by cheque, please ensure that you have electronic payment methods in place.  If you require any assistance, your own bank will be able to help you.  Our electronic payment details are included on each invoice, and you can also contact Michelle Calcott on mcalcott@jersey.org.nz or 07 856 0816 for further assistance.


Sale Register

Did you know that members can include classifieds on the Ayrshire New Zealand website?  If you are

  • Wanting to sell stock or semen
  • Looking for cattle or semen
  • Advertising a job or looking for work

Contact Sean on sbresnahan@jersey.org.nz to get your listing onto the website



New Farm Signs are out! If your old Ayrshire Farm Sign is looking worst for wear, then secure a new Ayrshire New Zealand farm sign today. Made from a durable 3PC aluminium core and are 841 x 594mm.
We’re excited to offer these signs again and look forward to seeing them on your gates.



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