Covid 19 Update

August 18, 2021

Covid 19 Update

General Notices

Hamilton is currently in a three day Level 4 lockdown due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, and therefore the Jersey NZ office is closed and the team are all working from home for the rest of this week.  All work will continue as normal in the expectation that this will be a short lockdown.  If the lockdown period is extended, we will address activities as they arise and keep in regular touch with members via e-mail, the website and social media.
Once again as in previous lockdowns, we acknowledge the wellbeing of our team and their ability to maintain a good work/life balance.  Office hours are therefore reduced to 9am – 4pm during the period of lockdown.

How to contact us
Our preference is that wherever possible you contact us electronically using the e-mail addresses listed on the sidebar of this e-mail.  You can also phone the office on 07 856 0731 and leave a message for the appropriate team member.  These are delivered to us via e-mail as an audio file so we will receive them promptly. The team will be available for calls from 9am – 4pm on business days, and will not respond outside those hours.  Please note that as Michelle works part time her contact hour are reduced to 9.30 am – 2 pm.  Likewise, while you are asked to e-mail us at any time, e-mails will be responded to during advertised hours.

We ask that you respect our home life and privacy and do not text us or use our private Facebook messenger accounts.

For anything urgent, Pam Goodin (General Manager) 027 619 7291 and Robyn Gordon (Member Services Administrator) 020 4061 4346 may be contacted on their mobiles.

Although it has been a while since our last period working from home, we are all quite adaptable and have learnt plenty of lessons from our previous lockdowns.  We all want to get back to our usual way of life and hope that this will be a short lockdown.  Having said that, the health and wellbeing of our team is our first priority.  Out there on farm, continue to look after each other, practice kindness and patience.  It’s the busiest time of the year on farm with most of you mid-calving. You are our nation’s backbone, and we will continue to support you in your businesses through this period.

Pam Goodin | General Manager

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