PGG Wrightson – Ayrshire Breeders Bull Sale

July 30, 2020

PGG Wrightson – Ayrshire Breeders Bull Sale

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Entries close: 5th August 2020
Conditions of entry:
1. Entries are invited of well grown bulls of one year of age and over. Only registered animals or those
eligible for registration and transfer by Ayrshire NZ will be accepted.
2. All bulls must meet animal health board requirements and be accompanied by the appropriate
certification. Correct certification must be available on sale day. Failure to comply will mean bulls will not be offered for sale.
3. All bulls must be tagged as per NAIT and Animal Health Board requirements. Failure to comply will
mean bulls will not be offered for sale.
4. All bulls must be tested negative for BVD Anti-Gen ie non PL. Testing can be arranged through your
local vet. Vet certificates verifying testing has been completed are required.
5. All bulls must be accompanied by a certificate attached to the ASD forms stating the farm of origin
is clear of Mycoplasma Bovis and has been clear of Mycoplasma Bovis through testing of bulk or
discard milk.
6. All vendors entering bulls must be aware of the LIC requirements/conditions around Clause 62 and any other LIC clauses relating to the sale of LIC genetic products. The auctioneers will not be responsible for any breaches of these clauses.
7. All bulls must come from properties that have been:
a) Bulk milk and discard milk screened clear of Mycoplasma Bovis and
b) from properties that show no signs of mastitis and lameness in the herd and
c) from properties that are not under MPI surveillance or control.
A pre-sale inspection will be made where possible by the auctioneers. An inspection by breed society
representatives may also be undertaken prior to finalising the sale catalogue.
9. A pre-sale inspection will be done on sale day by two independent inspectors. Bulls considered not
to standard will be offered at the end of sale.
The entry of any bull in this catalogue constitutes a guarantee by the vendor that the purchase price
(without interest, expense, costs or damages) shall be refunded if a bull proves totally infertile or
incapable of service. If any bull entered does not possess a reasonable fertility, although not totally infertile, any dispute shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the Auctioneers.
Any complaint must be lodged with the auctioneers before 31st December 2020. The cost of taking
delivery of and returning the bull to the vendor, or the Morrinsville Saleyards, is to be borne by the
purchaser. A veterinary surgeons’ certificate shall be produced by the purchaser when required and
the cost therefore borne by the purchaser.
11. The catalogue will be compiled from three generation NZAEL LIC pedigrees. Supplied footnotes,
photos and any other particulars must accompany the three generation pedigrees when sending to auctioneers.
12. Vendors whose bulls made the three top averages for the first run of 3 or more bulls sold at the 2019
Sale will have the right to nominate their place of sale in the catalogue. After that the order will be
decided by ballot.
Vendors are limited to 3 bulls in each ballot position. Every vendor will have a run of up to three bulls
before the second run is determined.
13. Vendors are requested to number their pedigrees in the order they desire them to be offered.
14. Vendors must supply LIC transfer cards at time of entry. Vendors will not receive payment until
transfer cards have been received.
15. SEMEN:
Entries of semen will be accepted and offered at the end of the sale.
The vendor is to supply a signed certificate for the transfer of semen.
Those wishing to offer embryos may forward details. They will be sold immediately following the
17. VENDORS WILL BE CHARGED on a pro-rata per head basis for cataloguing and advertising. Yard
fees will also be charged.
Commission will be 7% on all bulls, semen and Embryos.
18. No entry will be accepted unless on the distinct understanding that the above conditions of entry are
accepted by the vendor in every respect.
19. The Auctioneers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry at their discretion.
Entries to Andrew Reyland – 027 223 7092  –


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