Sentinal and Sanrosa Ayrshires Sale

November 16, 2020

Sentinal and Sanrosa Ayrshires Sale

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Heifer Sale
WHEN: Thursday 3rd December 2020 at 11:30am

WHERE: Sale to be held on the “Sentinal” farm – 299 Cheal Road, R D 23 Stratford 4393


5 Sentinal Ayrshire RWB Yearling Heifers
6 Sanrosa Ayrshire RWB Yearling Heifers
9 Sentinal Ayrshire Heifer Calves
12 Sanrosa Ayrshire Heifer Calves
1 Sanrosa Crossbred Heifer calf
1 Sentinal Ayrshire Bull Calf
34 Head

“These two very well known studs again have put together an exciting catalogue for breed

Sanrosa renowned for its very high production and sires used through AB.
Sentinal renowned for its conformation, depth of pedigree, consistent production and show

Both have all fields covered giving prospective purchasers the opportunity to select with confidence in mind knowing that cattle from these two herds shift well.

The early season in Taranaki has been kind so both herds are performing to a very high standard
and the sale cattle will be presented in very good order.

Come to Sentinal, enjoy a day amongst fellow breeders, inspect a very nice herd of cows and
partake of some great hospitality offered by both vendors.” Brian Robinson.


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