Special Awards 2020

November 23, 2020

Special Awards 2020

Special Awards

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Kiteroa Trophy & Distinguished Member Award
For the person or persons who contributed the most effort in promoting the progress within the Ayrshire breed in the last 12 months both club wise and breed wise.
Awarded to Roger Hancock.
Roger’s association with the Ayrshire Cow started when he was just a young lad and ever since they have played a major part in his ongoing farming career. His first acquisitions were Greenrose Angela given to him by a family friend Mr Vin Jones, and a second was a purchase at the Sedgmoor Stud Dispersal. These two cows set him on a lifelong affiliation with the Ayrshire breed.
Roger soon learned the importance of sound cow families and this is evident with the present herd being able to be traced back to a few genetic lines.
Roger is a long-time member of the Thames Valley Ayrshire Club, with his family name first mentioned in early 1969. During this time he has held several roles within the club, the main one being Chairman for three years before taking on the role of Board member for Ward 2.
Roger showed his cattle regularly in the early days and then became a key figure in the running of our Annual Club Show. He is also a keen instigator of our Annual Club trips to visit Ayrshire Breeders around New Zealand (one of the few clubs who do this these days). Always on the lookout for different cow families that may be of interest to improve the breed as a whole, while creating lifelong friendships along the way.
Roger is a volunteer in The Rural Support Group in his area, helping and advising in his quiet manner, farmers who find themselves in adverse situations. This has led him to be a mentor to many younger Ayrshire Breeders who seek advice and value the vast knowledge he has gleaned over the years.
Many cattle from Roger and Diane’s Rosemoor herd have been sold to other breeders, becoming valued members of those herds, showcasing their breeding of trouble free quiet tempered cows of above average conformation that last many lactations.
Several bulls have also been proven, a standout being Rosemoor Major Pepper used within the herd for many years, sadly not collected.
More recently Rosemoor Spark has become a household name, being the breeds highest milk rated sire, leaving daughters with outstanding conformation and production. His impact within the breed has been quite profound and will continue for years to come. A real credit to his breeders.
During his time on the Board, Rogers quiet soundly backed reasoning has influenced many decisions made at both committee and Board level.
One special decision he made himself was to financially back the inaugural On Farm Challenge to recognize, great individual Cows who may not otherwise be seen by the general public.
While stepping down from the Board now, we are certain that Rogers opinion will be still strongly sort by members at all levels, within the Ayrshire fraternity.

Honorary Life Membership
Awarded to Graeme Emslie.
Graeme has been a Director of Ayrshire New Zealand for four terms (twelve years) representing first Ward 6 and then more recently Lower North Island. During his time on the Board he has held the position of Finance Convenor and Director on the Semayr Board. Graeme has always been a supporter and promoter of using Semayr semen amongst Ayrshire breeders.
Graeme’s stud Rangeview has had numerous bulls selected for the Semayr young bull team over the years.
With a background in banking before turning to farming, Graeme’s financial acumen has assisted the Board with their decision making on many occasions during his tenure as Finance Convenor. A strategic thinker, Graeme often questions the status quo ensuring that all facets of discussion are covered for the betterment of the breed
Graeme and his wife Tania milk 150 registered Ayrshires in partnership with Graeme’s brother Iain and wife Jo at Norsewood, where the Ayrshires more than hold their own in a much larger Jersey herd.
The Board of Ayrshire New Zealand have much pleasure awarding Graeme Emslie an Honorary Life Membership of Ayrshire New Zealand.ImageImage[/cs_content_seo]

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