Special Awards 2023

June 8, 2023

Special Awards 2023

Special Awards

Bell Booth Achiever Award

For persons who have made some notable achievements in the Ayrshire Breed.

Amy Green

Ayrshire New Zealand is delighted to announce that the 2023 Bell-Booth Achiever Award is presented to Amy Green.

Amy has worked hard this show season travelling right around Southland and Otago with her animals.  She has taken on teaching a young man by the name of Charlie Scoles to lead her calf in all the junior handler classes, which has meant traveling over 300km just to one show in North Otago (Oamaru), and in the Southern circuit down as far as Tuatapere. A total of 10 shows in all.

Amy has worked with Charlie to make sure he is presented appropriately, and the calf is the same.

Amy also took on the organizing of the cattle section of the Winton show this year, which was no mean feat for a young lady, working full time. Also given that the South Island Ayrshire championships were held there, one of the biggest turnouts of Ayrshire cattle in the South Island.

Amy also was the Judge of the on-farm NZ calf club in the spring of this season for the Western Southland area, she took this on at her own cost and was very encouraging of the young children she judged, talking with them in the ways of how to handle their calves after she had judged them.

Distinguished Member Award – Ward

For members who promote Ayrshires locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, and who make the time and effort for the breed, or to assist other Ayrshire members and/or Ayrshire enthusiasts throughout the region to achieve their goals.

Kylee Perrett

In 2010 Kylee Perrett became secretary of the Taranaki Ayrshire club. She began making an impression immediately making the club and its numerous events run smoothly. During her time as secretary Kylee changed our annual dinner and awards evening to a more interactive event  with the use of powerpoint and a projector which allowed her to have pictures of all judged animals in our type and progeny competition on screen for all attendees of the dinner to see. The amount of extra work and time she put in every year for this event was immense not to mention all the other work required for our club events.

  In June 2019 the annual conference was hosted here in Taranaki, Kylee was in charge of organising along with a team of people from within the club. The conference ran smoothly and easily which had a lot to do with the tireless efforts of Kylee and her team. Im not actually sure she had much time to enjoy it as she spent most of the time checking, worrying and running around making sure everything was going according to plan. In the end I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the bus trips(wink wink).

Up until covid struck Kylee and everyone at the Sentinal stud have been tireless supporters of our local A&P shows always taking along cattle and taking home numerous champions trophies and ribbons and representing the club on the Stratford A&P show organising committee. Kylee is also a senior judge and has won the Arran Trophy for Ayrshire young judges 4 times and the World Wide Sires All Breeds Young Judge competition twice.

Kylee has been a keen Ayrshire cow enthusiast all her life while farming with her parents Ivan and Robyn Fredrickson and recently purchasing the herd from her parents with Husband Danny and going 50/50 and then soon after that purchasing the family farm on Cheal road near Stratford. Kylee stepped down from the secretary position in march this year after 13 years in the role. She has been a fantastic servant of the club and the Ayrshire breed throughout that time and before and we hope she will remain enthusiastic about the club and the Ayrshire cow for many years to come.

The Taranaki Ayrshire Club is proud to nominate Kylee for the Ward Distinguished member Award

Rob McIntosh Memorial Trophy

To encourage an exhibitor to go further and/or continue showing Animals at local calf club days and A&P Shows.

Reagan Kelly

This young lady has a special affinity with all things bovine. As a pre schooler she was with her mum whether it be milking the cows, feeding the calves or being at an A&P show trying her skills at leading whatever she could, may it be a calf or cow. So it was no surprise when turning five and at school she befriended a heifer calf to train for the School Calf Club, plus the Thames Valley Club Show and various A&P Shows in the area.

Her first calf was Imaginayr Hunting Danish who is still in their herd today. While visiting Mr Vince Steiner one day with her mum he asked Reagan if she would like to pick a calf for herself from a few he had there. From this calf, she bred her Imaginayr Tux Cookie who won the North Island Junior Championship at the Waikato Show, two years ago.

Last show season she began clipping the show team to a good standard and this year she clipped and toplined the Imaginayr Team to a very high standard. Having clipped and toplined the show team for the New Zealand Dairy Event in Fielding, she and her mum Gemma came away with the Premier Ayrshire Exhibitor. No mean feat.

Reagan has learned the most of the Three Generation Pedigrees in their herd and is now learning and choosing which bulls to put with which cows. The Thames Valley Ayrshire Breeders Club would like to nominate Reagan Kelly, who is 13 years old, for the Robert McIntosh Memorial Trophy

Honorary Life Membership

Donald Green

It is with great pleasure that we present this citation to Donald Green in recognition of his service to the New Zealand Ayrshire Association as long time member, Board member for 13 years and President for seven years. Donald has worked hard to promote the breed, over the years at club level where he has held office positions, organizing events, promoting the breed in the show ring, at sales and field days.

His association with Ayrshires started back in the 1960’s when his family purchased their first farm, from there Donald and Anne purchased the farm off his family in 1982, now Glenmore farm has become one of the largest Ayrshire farms in New Zealand.

Donald has been an Ayrshire Judge and a TOP inspector for many years, donating many hours of service to the breed and association. Attending World Federation and IRDBF conferences on the association’s behalf.

He especially enjoyed his time as youth convenor, being very enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive of our Ayrshire youth, there were many a good laugh on the youth seminars.

His dedication, leadership, and length of time on the Board as President and board member, shows the respect he has received from the board members and the members that have voted him on as their representative.

We would like to acknowledge Donald’s family for the support he has had, that has allowed him the time to serve on the board.

We thank Donald for his unwavering commitment to our Association and the breed of the Ayrshire cow and congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition.

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