Each year, Ayrshire New Zealand presents a number of Special Awards during the Awards Night at Annual Conference.  Members are nominated by their Club or the Board by the presentation of a citation to the Board for their final decision.  Nominations close 31 March annually or as advertised.


For the person or persons who contributed the most effort in promoting the progress within the Ayrshire breed in the last 12 months both club wise and breed wise. 

Awarded 2022 – Gordon & Jonathan Glentworth

The Kiteroa Trophy is awarded to the person or persons who have contributed the most effort in promoting the progress within the Ayrshire breed, club wise and breed wise in the last twelve months.

This year the Board received two independent nominations – two different people but from the same farm. Following consideration, the Kiteroa Trophy is therefore presented jointly to Gordon and Jonathan Glentworth.

As you may be aware Gordon has been Chairman of the Semayr Board since 1991, playing a big part in setting up the sire proving scheme. This year again Gordon has pushed to update the Ayrshire sire proving scheme by including genomic selection in the tools used for young bull selection, negotiating and using his contacts for this to happen with minimal cost to the Ayrshire Association.

This technology for the Ayrshire breed will advance the progress of the Ayrshire breed by providing superior sires of the future quicker, as the other breeds do.

Gordon has also managed the Ayrshire Associations bull farm since its inception in 2001 and with time the original power, water and fencing have needed upgrading. In the last twelve months these upgrades have been organised and carried out and subsidised by Gordon’s fund raising and to some extent his own pocket, again saving the Association money.

In his own right, Jonathan comes to the fore for his commitment to helping look after the bull farm on the Association’s behalf. The time spent doing this (and mostly unrewarded or recognized) over the years is immense. Without his help, running the bull farm would have been a huge challenge. Over the years many trips have been made to the property and often daily when there were water issues. The maintenance all goes astray when a major breakout occurs and it is quite depressing to all concerned.

When it comes to shifting the bulls Jonathan has a lot to put up with. By his own admission, Gordon doesn’t move so fast these days and generally stays in the race or near the gateways but is very good at throwing out orders regarding how to shift the bulls, and even better at it when a bull or bulls get away. This is often met with considerable criticism, tempers fray and sweat is lost. Jonathan is often the only one that is chasing the bulls to move them and on occasion be becomes the one being chased. In recent years this doesn’t happen so often but one can never take their eye off them as circumstances can change extremely quickly.

Gordon and Jonathan’s 2020/21 record production is also a testament to the progress their Ayrshire herd has made by achieving a new breed record – 215 pedigree cows, 8707 litres milk, 376 kg fat, 325 kg protein, 701 kg milksolids in 295 days.

This achievement has been promoted on social media, reaching overseas, and I understand a magazine article will be coming out shortly promoting this, showing the rural community that the Ayrshire cow can do it.

The Board of Ayrshire New Zealand are delighted to present the Kiteroa Trophy to Gordon and Jonathan Glentworth.


For persons who have made some notable achievement in the Ayrshire Breed. 

Awarded 2022 – Daniel & Rachel Simons

Daniel and Rachel Simons purchased their first Ayrshire calves at the 2018 Futurity Sale and took them to the Taranaki Club show early 2019. From then on they were hooked on showing, and have continued to participate in club shows and progeny competitions, as well as exhibit cattle at every opportunity.

The North Island Championships at Stratford in 2019 was their first experience of a big show and competing alongside established breeders from all over the country. It was a huge learning curve and they enjoyed every minute of it.

Since 2020, the couple has also entered the annual National On-farm Challenge and the Alltech All New Zealand Photo Competitions. The Stratford Royal Event in 2020 brought them success in the 2 year old and junior heifer calf classes, and was another opportunity to glean knowledge from experienced exhibitors.

Daniel attended Dairy Event this year to assist the Gilbert family, and really enjoyed observing the different ideas and methods the seasoned exhibitors apply in order to present their animals to their best advantage. The all-breeds young stock show at Stratford in early March was the most recent outing for the Simons.

Daniel’s enthusiasm for the Ayrshire breed, combined with his desire to learn all aspects of showing, has seen him seek advice from several established stud-masters, combined with intense research of the best cow families and sires to breed for type.

Juggling their sharemilking commitments and raising a young family, Daniel and Rachel have created a balance of work and pursuing their interest in showing. Their eldest child Violet (6) is also hooked, since showing her first school calf. This current season Violet has had seven ‘outings’ (including on-line) with considerable success. Her brother Stanley starts school this year and can’t wait to show a calf.

After ‘jumping into the deep end’ four years ago, Daniel and Rachel are still as keen as they were on day one, and eager to continue to show and promote Ayrshires as much as possible. To this end, Daniel has encouraged extended family members to invest in Ayrshires, and to show them too!


For members who promote Ayrshires locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, and who make the time and effort for the breed, or to assist other Ayrshire members and/or Ayrshire enthusiasts throughout the region to achieve their goals.

Awarded 2022 – Merv Livingstone

The Inglecorner herd was started by Merv’s Father in 1958 with Merv buying his first cow form the Ingledale annual sale – Ingledale Snow Mint as a teenager with his own money while still at school. This cow started a great family for Merv, along with others in years to come.
Merv is still a very active bidder today buying from all over New Zealand, his passion for the Ayrshire cow and breed is his life. Merv has been a member of the New Zealand Ayrshire Association from 1975 and a long-standing member of the Southland then in later years the Southland/Otago Ayrshire Club.
Merv started his showing success as Young Farmer Club dairy competitor, he also exhibited and judged pigs in the early years. Merv has exhibited at shows from Southland to Leeston. Some of his greatest successes were winning the All Breeds Cow at Southland Show and more recently winning the South Island champion and Reserve Champion at the Gore Show 2020. Merv also has won Champion and Supreme All Breeds On Farm Competition. Even in the tough last few years with not being able to go to shows Merv has supported local on farm competitions. He also encourages younger people to compete in handling competitions and showing their younger animals.
Merv has taken an active part with Ayrshire New Zealand, being TOP inspector and judge over past years, still judging on farm heifer competitions and children’s calf clubs. Merv has been on the Southland and Winton A&P committees and convenor of the dairy sections for these. He has also been the Ayrshire Club rep for the Southland A&P for many years.
Merv has classified his herd regularly and entered in the NZ Ayrshire On Farm Competition with good success. He has organized and participated in the Western Southland Dairy Heifer Competition for 25 years. In later years has been Otago-Southland and South Island organizer of the finals. He has been successful with his own Inglecorner heifers and calves, showcasing the Ayrshire animal.
With our own Southland/Otago club activities Merv is always the first person to reply to Alison to say I will be there. Merv enjoys visiting local breeders in the region gaining knowledge on what bulls are successful f other breeders and if they will work for him. He is a regular attendee at the New Zealand Ayrshire Annual Conferences, travelling many kilometres to do the above.
Merv likes to breed his own bulls from his good families and has a large selection of bulls from yester year in his AI containers and for sale to the breeder wanting older/vintage genetics.
With his near on 50 year involvement with the breed and what he has achieved with his herd and the help he has given to others we would like to nominate Merv for this award. Merv is very passionate about the Ayrshire cow, today there aren’t many full herds of Ayrshire out there and as you drive along the high and see this full herd of Ayrshires, it makes you smile, well done.


For members who promote Ayrshires locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, and who make the time and effort for the breed, or to assist other Ayrshire members and/or Ayrshire enthusiasts throughout the region to achieve their goals.

Awarded 2022 – Gavin Travers

The board thinks it fitting to bestow a Distinguished member [Ward ] on this fine individual .
It starts with the family that opens their home up to anyone, which is fantastic when we need to hold events or need somewhere for a national judge to stop . The hospitality is second to none .
This fellow has held most club positions and is never shy to lend a helping hand for the benefit of the Ayrshire cow or the Association. He has been known to load a truck and trailer of cattle to keep a show operating and to give a spectacle to the judge and onlookers . Has always supported other shows by taking loads of cows over one of the most unforgiving roads in the country to give competition.
He is a senior judge and a supporter to the next generation of breeders near and far, encouraging young people to house their cows within his business and helping support people in purchasing animals not always his breeding or his type of cows . Gavin has regularly supported all association aspects with TOP twice a year, lots of registrations and regular use of Semayr straws. Also many bulls offered to AI companies with a regular number being resold as proven bulls . The cows he breeds have gone away from Pa Hill and started great families for many people and in some cases done three times the production that they have done at home. You can be guaranteed they shift and do better for their new owners than ever at Pa Hill.
Gavin has never been shy to voice an opinion on all matters with the Association and to offer solutions to the endeavours along the way, you can guarantee he will support the Ayrshire cow for her prosperity .


For members who promote Ayrshires either nationally or locally by always portraying a positive attitude for the breed, the NZ Ayrshire Association and it’s aims, directions and objectives. 

Awarded 2022 – Roger & Jane Hutchings

Jane has featured through social media and mainstream media for the conservation work that she has been doing
on the family farm, particularly her work with the protection of the North Island brown Kiwi that reside on the farm.
It is from Jane’s conservation work showing on social media, where the main-stream media pick up the story.
Eighteen months ago Jane and Roger featured on Country Calendar, which included a significant section to do with
their herd and the Ayrshire Breed. You can’t buy that sort of publicity on mainstream TV.
More recently she has featured on TV’s Seven Sharp. They had picked up on this through Social Media when Jane
had commented about a staff member seeing a Kiwi while out getting the cows in for milking. Again the herd
featured significantly in this story.
Attached are screenshots from both Country Calendar, which aired on the 14th August 2020 and Seven Sharp, which
screened on the 5th of November 2021. There was also a feature in the Country section of the Herald about Jane’s
conservation work.


To encourage an exhibitor to go further and/or to continue showing animals at Local Club days and A&P shows.

Awarded 2022 – Joshua McIntosh